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“Finding trusted training instructors and up-to-date resources for web developers is difficult and time consuming”

Today, there are a variety of resources available to web developers, however so many are outdated, poorly written, or not using current best practices. With CodeWinds, I intend to fill that gap.

Your time is too valuable to waste

One of the most important things I have learned in my life, it is that time is too precious and we should strive to make the most of every moment. Instead of searching for articles and trying to determine which are correct, trust CodeWinds to bring updated premium tutorials and training to you.

RxJS v6

Live RxJS v6 webinars and intensive worksops

CodeWinds offers live full day online or in-person workshops where you can really master the full power of RxJS v6. If you are interested in this for yourself or your team, please contact me.

Visit the CodeWinds RxJS resource page - learn more about RxJS v6 webinars, training opportunities, resources, and recommended videos

Learn the latest technology


Web developer technology is an ever changing landscape. The vast majority of resources have not kept up with the changes. Learn the best ways to be productive developing web and mobile applications. Use modern frameworks, tools, and modules to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Learn the right way

Learn from a seasoned professional who has spent the time in the trenches building web applications in addition to teaching professionally. (I have made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to :-) Understand what works and why.

“If you have a software development task for Jeff, no matter how big or small, he can usually read your mind. Just give him some basic requirements, and you’ll get back something that exceeds your expectations.” - Justin Deal, Application Architect at Elsevier

Live and online resources

Training has evolved. In this fast paced, ever connected world, it is so important to know what to learn as it is to just learn. There are too many competing ideas and philosophies. I can be your guide, leading you along the proven path. Learn from up to date live public or private training classes, webinars, or self-paced video training. Keep up with the latest information to stay competitive.

The CodeWinds solution:

  • Live and online training classes, public or private
  • Online webinars to provide a dynamic live experience but with the convenience of attending from where ever you are
  • Self-paced video training courses designed to walk you through building web applications
  • Audio podcasts with leading developer interviews and the latest news (free)
  • Short focused blog articles keeping you abreast of the web development landscape (free)

I have started by releasing some blog articles, podcast, and some video tutorials.

Topic areas

CodeWinds will bring you the best pragmatic tools and technology for building web and mobile applications. As the winds change, CodeWinds will help you navigate those changes and keep you current. Some of my favorite technologies are:

  • ReactJS - next generation high performance view technology for client and server - CodeWinds React.js content and resources
  • XState - finite state machines and statecharts for javascript
  • ES6/7 - embrace the future of JS
  • Reactive programming / RxJS - building dynamic apps that react to updates and current data, RxJS v6 resources and training
  • Functional programming - making code eaiser to reason about
  • Node.js - beginner, intermediate, advanced topics
  • HapiJS - the bullet proof Node.js server framework created by Walmart Labs
  • Resilient Systems - how to build scalable, durable systems with Node.js, JS, databases, …
  • GraphQL, Apollo, Prisma - next generation data delivery
  • FaaS, Serverless - beyond microservices
  • Browserify / Webpack / Parcel - JS bundlers
  • Redis, Postgres, LevelDB, … - noSQL, SQL, databases, caches
  • Cloud deployments - AWS

Join me for the journey

If you are interested in any of the content I mentioned, I would love to hear from you to learn more about your interests. Email me, join my newsletter, follow me, leave a comment, post on the forum, … however you want to open communication.

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