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RxJS v6

RxJS v6 is the brand new rewrite of Reactive Extensions for JavaScript. RxJS v6 is optimized for performance, modularity, better debuggable call stacks, and has a simplified API.

Harness the power of RxJS v6 to wrangle tough asynchronous problems using a functional observable stream approach. Let RxJS manage the state for you while you focus on the task at hand.

RxJS is popular in both the React and Angular communities for taming concurrency and dealing with events over time.

Live webinars

From time to time, CodeWinds offers free webinars to help you learn about RxJS v6 and how to get the most out of it. Jeff will explain the power of RxJS and showcase just how to leverage it to clean up your code.

Each hour long webinar will tackle key aspects of getting started with RxJS and will walk you through some of its exciting features.

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Live intensive online workshops

online workshop training

CodeWinds offers premium full day online workshop / class going deeper into RxJS v6 and mastering its power. For professional developers who really want to understand and become confident in using RxJS, this is the course for you.

  • Think like a reactive programmer - adjust your mindset to approach problems with a functional and reactive approach
  • Learn how to create custom observables
  • Learn how the various operators work and how to effectively apply them in your code for managing resources and cleaning up your control flow
  • Understand how observables work and why they are the weapon of choice for taming asynchronous events
  • Know how to handle errors properly and recover making your cod more resilient
  • Comprehend the techniques used in debugging your RxJS code when things aren’t working properly
  • Integrate RxJS with React, Angular 2, Node.js, or vanilla JavaScript code
  • Hands-on intensive workshop brings you quickly up to speed with first hand experience. Get all your questions answered quickly.
  • Join the awesome community of reactive programmers

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Live private training

Jeff teaching a JSConf workshop

If you have a group or team that you would like to receive onsite private training, contact me (jeffnospam@codewinds.com) and we can determine the best approach for your team.

I can customize my workshop to best meet the needs of your team. Spend more time in the areas that you want to focus on. Brainstorm and discuss how to use RxJS functionality in your projects.

RxJS v6 Resources

RxJS v6 Videos

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