Jeff Barczewski speaking at STLJS

What makes React.js special in a world of so many JavaScript web frameworks?

Jeff Barczewski introduces React.js and family (react-router, flux, React Native) to the St. Louis Javascript User Group. (90 min HD Video)

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Meta Information

  • Author: Jeff Barczewski
  • Published: May 21st, 2015
  • Updated: June 13th, 2015
  • Tags: reactjs, javascript,nodejs


  • base-react-min - Jeff’s minimal React.js boilerplate with an auto build environment. Just clone or download, npm install, npm run watch
  • git-clone-init - npm install this bash script to make it easy to git clone, rm .git, git init, replace project name tokens, and do initial check in. Very useful for creating a new project off a boilerplate repo
  • Facebook’s React.js Home - great getting started guide and tutorials for starting to learn React.js
  • Facebook’s React Native Home - build native iOS and Android apps with React and Javascript.
  • Facebook’s Flux Home - application architecture that Facebook used for building client-side web applications.
  • Takeaways from React.js Conf 2015 - Kevin Old’s thoughts on React.js Conf 2015
  • Joe Armstrong - The Mess we’re in - Strange Loop Conf 2014 - Joe, the inventor of Erlang, discusses the situation we are in with regards to technology. He provides some reasons and suggestions for improving the status quo.
  • Immutable.js - Fantasic package of immutable collections for JavaScript which are implemnted with Peristent Data Structures. Immutable data works great with React.js and is highly recommended.
  • axios - isomorphic HTTP client for browser and node.js which uses promises
  • nets - isomorphic HTTP client for browser and node.js. Uses request on Node.js and xhr in browsers, but with a common interface.
  • React Native Playground - test and share JavaScript for React Native apps in the comfort of your browser. Uses to run iOS simulator
  • Relay / GraphQL
  • GraphQL Introduction
  • react-resolver - isomorphic library to recursively lazy-load data for React.js components
  • react-transmit - Relay-inspired library based on Promises instead of GraphQL
  • FalcorJS - NetFlix project. One model everywhere. Async MVC. Like binding to your data in the cloud. JSONGraph - sophisticated client / server fetches and caches data in asynchronous manner.



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