“It’s so rare that something actually comes along that really changes how we think about building stuff” - Michael Jackson


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  • Episode: CW 015
  • Published: April 8th, 2015
  • Tags: javascript, reactjs,nodejs,isomorphic
  • Duration: 1:16:34
  • Updated: 2015-04-11

Show Notes and Timeline

  • 2:40 - What’s special about React.js?

“For me personally, it changed the way that I code as much as jQuery did back in 2008.” - Michael Jackson

“OMG, This is really going to change the way that I work and how much I enjoy my job on a day to day basis.” - Michael Jackson

  • 5:00 - React.js doesn’t care about how you represent your data, models can be simple objects and arrays

“What excites me about React.js is… it doesn’t care about your data model, you just use plain JavaScript objects… For my models I use: array, Object, Number, …” - Ryan Florence

“The new paradigm with React.js is we aren’t observing, we aren’t having a bunch of events, we are just throwing data at functions and then they return descriptions of UI” - Ryan Florence

  • 6:40 - Javascript becomes our templating language

“It’s hard to explain until you start doing it how big of a shift this makes in your user interface development, to not worry about your app over time; you’re not mutating the state of objects over time in your UI components” - Ryan Florence

“We get to use the solutions that JavaScript already provides like modules and scope… we don’t have to wait for the framework’s template language to implement a solution for that” - Ryan Florence

Michael Jackson explains the power of react-router

  • 8:25 - React.js, Angular, and Ember are pushing the language forward (ES6)
  • 10:56 - Is React.js differnet from other SPA frameworks?
  • 11:30 - React.js could be a good rendering tool for many frameworks
  • 12:10 - Integrating React.js into existing code is easy without a full rewrite
  • 13:30 - React.js be added to mature apps, not just greenfield apps
  • 14:50 - Angular 2.0 and Ember 2.0 look a lot like and sound a lot like React.js. It is influencing so many other frameworks.
  • 15:30 - Who can use React.js? What types of projects?
  • 19:00 - Server side rendering - Isomorphic javascript
  • 22:30 - React.js doesn’t care where you render - client, server, canvas, etc.
  • 24:00 - Is React.js hard to learn?
  • 25:00 - React.js allows you to code yourself out of problems
  • 26:00 - Smaller API’s are easier to learn
  • 28:10 - What brought Michael and Ryan to using React.js?
  • 28:45 - Instructure had invested in Ember but were having struggles shipping and learning

“At Instructure, we bet on Ember… we were messing with it for almost a year and kind of weren’t shipping anything…” - Ryan Florence

  • 30:00 - After an hour of using React.js, Ryan wanted to use it everywhere

“After an hour of using React.js, I had my face in my hands and said… I want to use this everywhere” - Ryan Florence

  • 30:45 - A few hours later, Ryan had a router proof of concept up and running

“After two hours I actually had something working, and that probably impressed me the most about React.js” - Ryan Florence

“I was never able to just pick up something as quickly as I was able to pick up React.js and build a router” - Michael Jackson

“Two guys who had no idea what they were doing (with React.js) were able to make something (ReactRouter) that worked and was useful for other people” - Michael Jackson

  • 32:30 - Ryan started throwing his toughest problems at React.js and it handled them great

“Then I just threw all of my toughest problems that I had ever run into as a frontend developer at React.js” - Ryan Florence

Ryan Florence demonstrates ReactJS in some interesting applications

  • 33:00 - Everyone at Instructure wanted to switch to React.js after being exposed to it

“At Instructure we had this hack week, I encouraged a couple of my coworkers to use React.js for their projects… every single one of them came back and asked: When are putting this into our stack?” - Ryan Florence

  • 33:20 - Reducing the context switch when developing, JSX
  • 37:26 - React Router and Relay, working with React.js team

“This is something that I really feel that the React.js authors have seriously nailed on the head, they’ll say they care about the community, and then they will show it by listening, participating, and working with us” - Michael Jackson

  • 40:00 - Data fetching improvements
  • 41:00 - Forward thinking attitude using ES6
  • 42:01 - Relay
  • 45:10 - Components
  • 48:00 - Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence’s React.js Training offerings
  • 50:10 - Become a React.js expert
  • 51:00 - React.js topics covered
  • 52:26 - Prerequisites for learning React.js, just javascript
  • 54:30 - Training format
  • 56:13 - React Router
  • 58:30 - JSX is an optional convenient way to write nested function calls
  • 1:00:00 - Getting designers involved with React.js
  • 1:02:00 - Thinking in React.js by Pete Hunt
  • 1:03:38 - React Native
  • 1:05:00 - React Native as a game changer
  • 1:07:00 - Developers can work on native and web
  • 1:08:00 - React Native productivity of instant refreshing for new code
  • 1:10:20 - The wonderful and genuine React.js community

“I am just so impressed by the React.js community… everybody is helping and sharing, all trying to move our industry forward” - Jeff Barczewski

“The people I have found in the React.js community have been genuine. Their desire to help you understand is genuine. Their desire to learn is genuine. It’s been inspiring for me as well.” - Michael Jackson

  • 1:11:38 - Closing

Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence React.js training

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