Jeff Barczewski

JSConf 2018

JSConf 2018 is the premier US conference for JS developers. This year’s conference is being held at the Omni La Costa in Carlsbad, CA. Unlike other events, attendees do not come to JSConf to learn JavaScript. They come to have their minds blown about what they had never conceived JavaScript could accomplish. Jeff is delivering a talk about how to accomplish feature-based development with a new JS library, feature-u.

Unlock the power of feature-based JS development

Developing software iteratively a feature at a time can be challenging. Come learn about a new JS library which opens new doors into this exciting world. The first version of this targets React, React Native, and Expo development eliminating 90% of the boilerplate needed to get up and running. The idea could be expanded to support any JS project or even non-JS environments. Unlock the potential and simplify your teams development process.


  • Slides (PDF) - for Jeff’s talk at JSConf 2018
  • feature-u docs - comprehensive documentation for feature-u
  • feature-u repo - source for feature-u
  • feature-redux - redux aspect plugin for feature-u. Extends feature-u with redux state management.
  • feature-redux-logic - redux-logic aspect plugin for feature-u. Extends feature-u with redux-logic for managing business logic and performing async processing.
  • bookmark-notes - basic React.js, Redux, redux-logic app which showcases feature-u functionality
  • eater-nod - full functioning Expo/React Native app which uses Redux, redux-logic, and feature-u to create a date night app for selecting a restaurant.