You may have heard the term microservice, but what does it actually imply? What are the benefits and risks of a microservice style architecture? How can you manage the risks and successfully use microservices to bring you more flexibility, resilience, and scalability?

How can you use Node.js, Hapi, and Redis to leverage microservice style architecture?

These resources accompany my talk at Nodevember entitled “Building simple Node.js microservices with Hapi and Redis”. In this talk I showcase a few ways you can create and use microservices with Node.js using Hapi for REST style microservices and Redis for queued microservices. I’ll explain some of the practical advantages this approach provides.


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  • Author: Jeff Barczewski
  • Published: November 14th, 2015
  • Tags: nodejs, microservices,enterprise,resilience,redis,hapi,high,availability,durability,scalability
  • Updated: January 4th, 2016

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  • github.com/jeffbski/microservices - Example code discussed in the presentation
    • microservice using redis queue
    • microservice using redis reliable queue
    • microservice using redis pregenerated cache queue
    • hapi microservice
    • hapi API gateway - proxying and aggregating microservices



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