The CodeWinds podcast episode 5 features Saul Maddox, a software engineer with PROS, who discusses his Hapi-Ninja boilerplate which helps developers get started with Hapijs the Node.js web framework in the least time. His boilerplate provides a great structure for the code and includes some great technology which we cover in the episode.

If you want to get up and running with the exciting new Node.js web framework Hapi or are interested in some of the javascript technology used in Hapi-Ninja listed below, check out episode 5 it is full of great background and information.

  • Swig javascript templates
  • Gulp javascript streaming task runner
  • Hapi plugins for named routes and asset handling


CodeWinds Episode 5 (CW 005) - Saul Maddox - Hapi-Ninja boilerplate (podcast and show notes)